Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Helpful info for quilters

I wanted to share some good information I have come across that will probably come in handy for me (and maybe you!) someday.  If I put it in this blog post, then we both will always know where to find it!

If your cutting mat is warped, go here to find out how to fix it.

Have questions about how much thread to put on your bobbin?  How to adjust bobbin tension?  What kind of bobbin you can use in your machine?  What kind of thread is best to use in your bobbin?  Go here and click on "Bobbin Information".

What needle should you use for different sewing?  What is a titanium needle, and why would you want to use one?  Go here and click on "Needles".

Tension problems?  When do you need to change the tension?  What does it mean when the bobbin thread is showing on the top?  What do I do about loops on the bottom?  Go here and click on "Tension".

Would you like to sharpen your rotary cutter blade?  Click here.

Need help changing your rotary cutter blade?  For an Olfa cutter go here.  For a Fiskars cutter, go here.

Are you sending your quilt to a long arm quilter?  Go here to find out how to prepare your quilt.

Like to take better pictures of your quilt?  There are some good tips here.

If you know of other great sites with helpful info, please share, I would love to know too!!


  1. Thanks for the links. Will try to remember to come back to check them out. Headed to bed now.

  2. Wow! I'll be back to spend some time checking up on all these great tips!


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