Friday, August 5, 2011

Capris - not pants, a bag!

OK, OK, I know, everyone has already made a capri bag, but I just made one, and I think it is way cool, so I'm posting about it (I hope you don't mind!).

We are Capri Sun drinkers around here. Have you noticed that these drinks always feel cool to the touch? I love my bag because it insulates really well! I use my bag for things that I want to stay cool, or wet things (like swimsuits...). I even made a mini one for my daughter, and she sticks baby bottles in it.

If you want to make one this is all you need:
Make sure the Capris are empty, one way to do this is to flatten them with a rolling pin. Some people separate the Capri packages, but I leave them doubled, they insulate really well this way. You also need to remove the plastic that was for the straw. I pulled off the plastic and sprayed the package with "De-Solve It" and wiped off the adhesive. Decide what size you want your bag. Mine is three bags tall and four bags across. I used grey thread and over lapped the edges of the bags and sewed them together.

I sewed the front and back pieces together, then the side pieces. On the bottom I just over lapped them so that they were the correct length. I sewed the bottom on, and then the two sides.

Turn down the top edge and sew it down.

I bought a piece for the straps at Walmart, decided how long to make them, and then sewed them on with an "X". There you go! A "cool" Capri bag!!

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