Sunday, August 7, 2011

Amish Quilts

As we traveled on our vacation we happened through some Amish Country, and I was so glad we did! We stopped and looked at some quilt shops, and there happened to be a wonderful quilt museum, heaven for a quilter!!
The first place I stopped was called, "Village Quilts" and they had beautiful examples of wonderful Amish quilts for sale.
I wanted to take some pictures of the quilts, but they have signs around asking you not to. I thought I would just ask, because you never know...but they said they were worried about people copying their quilt patterns. So, no pictures inside this store.
Luckily, I went across the street and found this wonderful store! WOW! It was truly amazing! First I will tell you about their museum. I don't know if it is always there, or if I was just lucky, but let me show you some of the quilts in this museum - and I asked if I could photograph the quilts and they told me to take as many pictures as I wanted! Nice people.
This is called a "Postage Stamp Colorsplash" quilt. There are 36 different fabrics. The beautiful shaded look is possible because this quilt includes two to three times as many fabrics as a typical quilt. Each block is just one-inch square in size and each is meticulously squared to its neighbor. All 5,329 squared are crossed corner to corner with fine quilting stitches!

Doesn't this look amazing? Somehow I didn't get the information about it, but I do remember looking at it closely and the shapes are rectangles of different sizes put together in a complicated pattern that give it the smooth flow from color to color.

Just as wonderful as the Quilt Museum were the beautiful quilts on display! So many beautiful colors and combinations.

I took a picture of the back of this one - all hand quilted, of course, these are Amish Quilts! Look at the tiny stitches! I think I may have been drooling...

Well, this post is getting really long, I have more to share with you next time, stay tuned!

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