Thursday, October 21, 2021

Baby Quilts - Plan Ahead!

 As we were getting ready to leave for our mission to Latvia, knowing that we were going to be gone for 3 years, I decided to plan ahead and make baby quilts! I was hoping that I would be getting more grandchildren while we were gone, but I would never want to deprive them of their baby quilt from Gramsie - that would NEVER do! So I decided to make quilts ahead of time and put my daughter-in-law in charge of them so she could make sure any new babies in the family got a quilt. 

She happened to be expecting a girl, so the first quilt was for her baby. I love how it turned out, and it was able to use scraps I had left over from previous quilts, I don't think I bought any new fabric for this quilt. That is a rarity for me.

I was trying to get all packed up since we were putting everything from our house into storage, so using scraps seemed like a good idea. Of course, it has my label on the back.

I am so grateful for creative people! I saw a picture on Pinterest of a quilt like this, but no link to the pattern, so I made my own.

I decided to make a simple pattern for a quilt that would be quick to put together. I love the colors of this quilt! It turned out great! I'm happy with the results. 

A few years from now I wouldn't want anyone to say, "Where did this quilt come from? Who made it?". And of course I want some little child to see the heart and know that Gramsie loves them.

Isn't this an adorable pattern? I first saw it when one of the ladies in our Tuesday Quilt group made one, and I fell in love! You can find the Giraffes in a Row pattern here

I love polka dots, so the background and the back of the quilt are little dots. I just love how this quilt turned out, and it's been snatched up already! My daughter was expecting and when she saw this one she claimed it for her baby. 

And last but not least, another quilt made from the same pattern as the aqua one above. Except for the first one that is pink and was claimed before I got started on the rest, all these quilts are  baby neutral. I didn't want to worry about whether my quilts would be appropriate for whatever kind of baby we get!

This quilt reminds me of Legos, a favorite toy of all children, I think. I can't wait to have more grandchildren and see who it goes to! What fun!

I love making baby quilts. Not just because I love having grandchildren, but they are cute, easy to quilt, and there are so many adorable patterns out there. I have a finished baby quilt on my table and another that I'm working on next to my sewing machine. I think all babies should have at least one quilt. 💗

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