Sunday, October 10, 2021

Little Dino

 I made this Little Dino quilt for a family I know that recently had a baby boy. There is a serious lack of quilting fabric here! There are quite a few little fabric shops but they are all for clothing. I guess no one quilts here? Every time I give someone a quilt they look astounded. 

When I went looking for fabric I found one store that had about 20 bolts of quilting cotton. So...that's why I made a dinosaur quilt. Two of those bolts were of dinosaur fabric, and that was the cutest thing I could find. When it was finished though, I was a little disappointed. Sometimes what I see in my head isn't what actually what I end up with.

I decided to go back and FMQ a dinosaur inside each of the dark blue rectangles. I found some coloring book pages online, printed out about 5 different little dinosaurs, then traced them onto the quilt and sewed them in. Here is a close up of one.

I made a label - this is for the Green family. They named their son Forest - Green. Of course, now I'm thinking of names for their future children: Hunter, Kelly, Jade, Emerald and I can think of several that I hope they won't use. I hope they don't have so many children that they run out of the "good" Green names, ha ha!

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