Thursday, August 2, 2018

Little Zipper Pouch

We will be leaving Jerusalem soon and going to to the good old USA!  There are things I will miss about Jerusalem, but it doesn't compare with all the family and friends and conveniences at home - and I won't feel like I'm illiterate any longer. That is a terrible feeling.

So, I decided to make some cute little zippered pouches to give away as gifts to some of my friends here before I leave.  I found this cute pattern on Craftsy, it's called "Half Square Triangle Pouch". I like it because it is unique in several ways.

It is made using one side of the zipper tape so you get a round edge. Because the zipper goes across the front of the pouch it can sit open, you don't have to hold it up and open with one hand while you put things in it.

If you had it sitting next to you at the sewing machine you could have wonder clips or something in it and grab them out as needed since its can sit there open.

I also like that the rounded edge makes it possible to use as a pouring spout when you are emptying it. Notice my action shot - dumping out the buttons into the jar with one hand while holding my camera with the other - oh, what talent!

The pouches are pretty small, the pattern says they will be 4.5 " square, but I managed to get most of mine about 5" square. Zipper pouches just plain come in handy, who can't use another one?

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