Thursday, September 28, 2017

It's easy to upholster dining room chairs!

My daughter just moved into a new home and is making everything look great! Her dining room chairs, however, did not looks so great. We had made a temporary cover for them before, but the time had come to dig in and do it right. These chair covers not only had food stains, but they had been decorated with markers - I'm sure the artist thought they were lovely, but they just didn't look right in a formal dining room!

I turned to that wonderful resource - YouTube for some guidance. There are TONS of tutorials on how to cover a dining room chair, and I watched a bunch of them. Unfortunately, not all of them ended up with a chair that looked good! I don't know why they would make a tutorial where the end product looked awful, but the lesson here is that not everyone who uploads a tutorial knows what they are doing. So, I'm not making a tutorial, but I will share my source!

If this is a project you are thinking of doing, it isn't hard, so go ahead and give it a try! This tutorial is excellent! He talks you through exactly what he is doing and why, and has links to more detailed explanations if you have any questions. He is a professional and it looks beautiful when he is done.

Here are the chairs we did.  My daughter and I were having such a great time chatting and working together that I forgot to take pictures of our work in progress, but here is the finished product - don't they look great? I feel like it is something I will totally feel comfortable doing again.

I love the way her dining room looks now!

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  1. Beautiful job & gorgeous fabric. I don't usually notice design elements, but love how the fabric and wall decoration go together.


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