Monday, September 18, 2017

Baby Quilts with Babies...

You know you wanted to see pictures of my quilts being modeled by babies, didn't you? I got to spend the whole summer back in the USA because, well, because! I left my hubby in Jerusalem and did my grandma duties, much to my delight! I had a grandbaby born in June, and one born in August, so I traveled around and got to visit each of my kids. What a wonderful way to spend the summer! So here is the June baby, modeling his sailboat quilt.

When his older brother and sister saw me taking pictures of him on his quilt they ran and got the quilts I had made for them, so ya know, of course I had to take pictures of them too!

Here is big sister.

And here is big brother.
Then I traveled around and ended up in Texas for this baby!  Oops, that's not the picture of him enjoying his quilt, ha ha! I laid him down to take pictures and he started making the most awful faces - I quickly took a few pictures and then scooped him up for cuddles.
Here he is enjoying his quilt, or at least not looking as sad as the first picture!

I don't think there is anything as wonderful as being a grandma!


  1. So much fun! It was wonderful that you were able to come home to visit. Love!

  2. Two grandsons in one summer! How wonderful - and the quilts are wonderful too!


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