Monday, September 26, 2016

The Sewing Machine Saga

Sew, I've been wanting a sewing machine so much! You have heard the story up to the point of me expecting to get a 560 within a few days..


I got another call from the dealer - the lady with the machine needed to use it for another week, then she would trade it in.  Aargh, OK. At the end of that week after I had already left my house and was on my way to pick it up he calls me again to tell me that she went out of town and would be gone for a week. Seriously?

Then I get a call from his assistant and she tells me that they aren't sure when this woman is going to trade in the machine, and I'm thinking of all this wasted time that they could have been shipping one from somewhere - AAAHHH! So I call the dealer on his cell phone to see what we should do about this. He apparently was unaware of this latest development and called me back to say he would have it for sure in a week. I have my fingers crossed AND I'm holding my breath now...

So the next week he finally calls me and says it is there, ready for me to come and pick up! I have to wait until the next day because Roy was busy that day, and I try really hard to not drive here, it's crazy! The Big Day finally arrives!! We go to pick up the machine, and he has a woman there to help me become familiar with the machine. As she is showing how to change the bobbin I can see this big blob of lint in there. I stick out a fingernail to snag it and a HUGE glob of lint follows! Excuse me? They were supposed to make sure all was well with the machine and clean and oil it...  So, I refuse to take the machine because I want it serviced before I take it home!

I was not a happy customer by this time. He threw in 3 spools of thread to make it up to me. Yep. 3 spools. yippee.

The dealer promised to clean it and oil it and he would deliver it to me the next day... and he did. Whew! I have the machine! Wahoo!

I looked EXACTLY like this when I walked in with it, well maybe a little older.

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