Monday, April 28, 2014

More Zig Zag

I'm in a quilt group of wonderful ladies! We all live in the same neighborhood, and we get together about once a month. Our wonderful friend gets us all going on a project and then we make it our own with little adjustments and changes...just to give her a few headaches trying to help us if we get into trouble!

We are all working on some form of the quilt I call my Zig Zag quilt. Ruth Ann made a tiny little sample quilt to give us an idea of what she had in mind (she makes the most beautiful miniature quilts!).

Did you know that if you have a square quilt with just the diagonal rows sewn together you can freak yourself out for no reason when you lay out all the rows and it looks like a parallelogram?

But once you get all those rows sewn together is is the right shape!

Some of the ladies decided to sew their quilts with rows of the same colored zig zag...

Lookin' good!

Ruth Ann is so patient to help us figure out our individual challenges! Alisa wants to do a piano key border - what would we do without our expert?

I had to go and decide to make mine for a Queen sized bed, I hope I can quilt it! I forgot to take a picture of mine until I got home...

Borders are next!


  1. That looks like a fun group! Love all the quilts!!

  2. I love zig zags! That miniature quilt is darling!

  3. are you going to zig zag the quilting? It's going to be fun. I love sewing with friends. It makes for the best time!


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