Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Favorite Purse!

I have a few little addictions - you know, red polka dots, quilting...and (among a few others) purses! I love purses, but have you noticed how hard it is to find the perfect purse? You need one the right size, with enough pockets, easy entry and the right shape.

Out of the purses I have, this one is my favorite. Size, shape, pockets - they are all just right!

Since enjoy making purses, when a friend started making herself a new purse, and we talked about it I decided I wanted to make one too. I thought I would make up my own pattern from my favorite purse! It has a pocket on each end (sunglasses, phone), and a slip pocket (papers, little things I need to temporarily hang on to...).

This is the other side. It has a zipper pocket (for my little Swiss Card and a small notebook/pen), and another slip pocket behind that.

On the inside it is divided in half by a large zipper pocket where I keep ibuprofen, kleenex, cough drops and such, and each side has two slip pockets (reading glasses, gum, lipstick...).

It closes with a magnetic snap. Just what I like!

And, in case I decide I want to make another one

I made myself a pattern...

while I was making the purse.

**This was the best I could do when I ran out of fabric. Did you notice the handles were made with different fabric than the trim?


  1. No, I didn't notice that they were different fabrics until you pointed it out! Those really are close. Love the purse!

  2. Wow! You made your own purse pattern? That's talent! I never would have thought to do that. Hey, if you like cheap zippers, check out the zipit store on Etsy. I discovered it this week. Have an order coming in. Need to teach myself zippers.

  3. I like your purse! How cool to make a pattern for your favorite purse, you can make one of every color!

  4. You did a great job! Thanks for inspiring me.

  5. A fabulous bag! A great shape and style. I agree it hss the perfect pockets etc. Over from SDC link up although haven't linked up myself I always like to check it out for inspiration and find new blogs.



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