Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cute little messenger bag!

My daughter has a little problem - she loses everything. She is constantly misplacing her phone, her keys, her wallet...anything that a person SHOULD be carrying in a purse. Mom to the rescue!

I think it's adorable, and it was super easy! I found a tutorial HERE. I made a few changes - I added fusible fleece to give it some shape.

I also made the strap narrower than the pattern. I really like the convenience of magnetic snaps, and I put a decorative button on the outside.

Do you think this will help her to keep track of the necessities in her life? Let's hope so!


  1. Knowing me I'd lose the bag. LOL! See with having the keys, wallet and phone separately I'd stand a chance of finding at least one out of the three! LOL!

  2. I may need one of these myself! Love the bag!


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