Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween at our house

It doesn't seem like I've posted much lately, but I feel like I'm sewing all the time. How does that work - am I not making any progress?  I got out the  Halloween table runner I made last year and put out a few things.

If you look at this picture closely...you will see how my brother doctored it up one year as a joke on us, I like it so much I put it out every Halloween!

Here is a little ghost I made out of cheesecloth and starch...
And here is my little sewing project called Gourdy's Gang. I can't seem to get a picture that looks straight, it really isn't hanging crooked in my front hall!
Here is a much better picture from the pattern. If you like it you can buy the pattern here.

Well, back to those projects that I don't seem to be making any progress on... I hope you are making more headway with yours!  Have a wonderful day :-D


  1. Hahahahhaha! That family portrait is a hoot! Love it!

  2. The family photo is so cute. You are sewing, so you must be making some progress. lol Hope all is well at your house. :)


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