Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Free Favorite Baby Quilt Pattern

Here is the quilt I fell in love with, and I couldn't manage to make myself give it away.

Maybe to you it is just another quilt, and I'm not sure why I like it so much, but I do!
Isn't this fabric just fun?

I designed it so that the back is just one piece. It is 40" square, so I just buy 1/14 yd of fabric for the back. The border pieces are just a width of fabric strip, so it all goes together quickly. I named it "Favorite Baby Quilt", isn't that sooo clever?? :D  I used the same pattern for this quilt.

If you want to make this quilt you will need:
1/2 yard for the accent squares (the colorful print)
3/4 yard for the setting squares (brown)
3/4 yard for the border strips (red polka-dot)
1/3 yard for the binding
1 1/4 yards for the back

If you are using a rotary cutter this is what you need to cut:
brown fabric: 3 strips that are 6 inches by WOF (width of fabric)
print fabric: 2 strips that are 6 inches by WOF
print fabric: 1 strip that is 9 inches by WOF
dot fabric: 4 strips that are 5 inches by WOF

Next cut the strips like this:
brown strips: 16  6 inch squares
printed strips 9  6 inch squares
                      3   9 inch squares
and from what remains of the printed strip cut 2  4.75 inch squares

The printed 9 inch squares will become your side triangles, and you need to cut these diagonally both ways (like an X from corner to corner, then the opposite corner to corner). This will give you 12 triangles.

The printed 4.75 inch squares will become your corner triangles. These you cut on the diagonal ONCE - like this / from corner to corner.

Here is a link to a blog where the process for setting the blocks is explained very well - this is the method I used to put mine together, but she explains it better than I would. She is using different measurements, but your pieces are already cut out, so no worries!
Now that the center of your quilt is finished you only need to add the border and your top will be all ready to quilt! 

This is how I determine the length for my border strips to help my quilt lay flat. Fold the beautifully pieced center of your quilt in half and measure end to end across the fold. That is the measurement you will use to cut two of your border strips. Make sure you sew them along the the sides that are parallel to the fold you just measured! Pin them on every 1/4 of the way along or so to make sure it is evenly distributed and sew. Now fold that in half the other way so that the two border strips are included in the measurement along the fold. That measurement is how long you cut the other two border strips, sew them on using the same method of pinning. Now your quilt should lay nice and flat! Yeah!! 

Quilt, bind and love your Favorite Baby Quilt!!

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