Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY 4th of July decorations

This past weekend I was finally bitten by the 4th of July bug - why does it take me so long??  I put big red, white and blue bows across the front of my porch railing and hung up my Flag Decoration on the door like I do every year.

I made it with my kids about 10 years ago, but the directions are still there on the Family Fun website.

I was looking around on Pinterest and was inspired to do a few new things this year. One thing I saw was a glass vase filled with red, white and blue beads.  It was pretty, but I thought, "Hey, for this to look like it was made by me, I'm going to do it with buttons!". Then I had a moment where I worried whether or not I had enough buttons. Ha! No need to worry.  I'm a button addict!

After I sorted through and separated the colors I needed this is what I had - plenty.

I got a vase from the cupboard and some flags I had stashed away...Voila!

Then I found this way cool printable online and printed it off on photo paper and stuck it into a frame I already had. If you like the printable you can get it HERE for free! There are several other choices with different arrangements and colors. This picture makes it look washed out, it looks much better on my table!

Then I took scraps from various different projects and made this to hang on the doorknob of my front door. All without going out and buying a single thing. If the 4th of July bug has bitten you, walk around your house and see what you may have just waiting for you!


  1. You are MY kind of girl! Thrifty and resourceful!

  2. Love the vase and flags! Gonna have to do that!


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