Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wreaths Quilt

I just finished this and hung it up!
It was about time for me to take down my Valentine's Day quilt, don't you think?  I really like how this turned out.  I saw this book one day while in the fabric store -
"Quilt the Seasons" by Pat Sloan, this was on the cover of the book, and I fell in love with it. There are several in the book that I really liked, I might make some more from the book someday.

I tried some different FMQ designs than I have used before, I'm trying to expand my skills. I made some of these spiral flowers,

 and did a loopy thing in the green sashing,

and feathers in the red flowered borders. Notice how the binding lies nice and flat? I got some tips from the wonderful ladies in my Yahoo group!

My AQF (amazing quilting friend) came over to see it, and she said, "Your house is starting to look like mine." She has quilts all over, I am getting more, but I'm no where near her yet. I wish my house looked like hers, sigh.  But that is a nice compliment!

My husband asked me if I was going to make quilts for all the holidays... It's too late to get one done by St. Patrick's Day without totally stressing myself out, I think I'll consider the 4th of July. I'll keep you posted on that!


  1. Very pretty, I love the colors!

  2. Very pretty! The different quilting styles look awesome on that quilt!

  3. Jeanna, I love the quilt. I think it will fun to see what you come up with for the 4th of July. You are an amazing quilter. Ruth Ann

  4. Hello,
    I'm a new subscriber to your blog. Very well done. I love your colors.
    I saw your black & white polka dot bag on the Janome site. Is that pattern still available? I love making bags.
    Congrats on a great blog.


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