Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pattern for Simple Ipad Cover with pocket

I've been wanting to make this since Christmas, but I vowed to get some other things done first.  I love how it turned out - it's my favorite fabric and favorite colors!

It has a handy pocket on the front that is divided in two.  One pocket is for my stylus, and the other holds my charging cable. The flap closes with Velcro, and keeps the Ipad or the things in the pocket from sliding out.

(I have a keyboard for my Ipad that snaps on.  I made this sleeve with enough room to accommodate that. The keyboard clips on so snugly the size is pretty much the same with or without the keyboard.)

You will need a lining fabric, an outside fabric, and a 15 X 9.25 piece of fusible fleece. Cut your fabric pieces as follows:

11" X 9.25" of outside fabric and lining fabric
15" X 9.25" of outside fabric and lining fabric

Cut a piece for the pocket 10" X 7.5" out of the outside fabric.

Fold the pocket piece in half, wrong sides together. Sew the two short sides and across the bottom, leaving about 3" open.  Trim the corners and turn the pocket right side out, press.

Iron the fusible fleece to the wrong side of the outside fabric. Place the pocket on the right side of the shorter piece of outside fabric, 2.5" down from the top edge. Sew the two sides and across bottom to attach to front. Sew a line up the pocket about an 1.5" from one side for a thin pocket for the stylus. (This picture was taken after I was done, but maybe it will help to place the pocket.)

Now place the 2 pieces of outside fabric right sides together, matching the bottom edges.  Make sure it is oriented so that the pocket will be right side up.  There will be extra fabric on one piece toward the top for the flap.  Sew the sides and the bottom. Sew the fabric for the lining the same way, but leave about 5" open on the bottom so you can later turn things right side out.

Before you do anything else, slide your Ipad inside to make sure it has the desired amount of room.  If it is too snug, re-sew the side stitching with a smaller seam allowance and pick out the first lines of stitching. If  it is a loose fit, and you want it to be more snug around your Ipad, re-sew the sides with a slightly larger seam allowance, don't worry about picking out the old stitches.

Once you have checked the fit of your cover, clip the corners, and turn the outside piece right side out. Leaving the lining piece wrong side out, slide the Outside piece INSIDE the lining, match flap and opening with lining.  Sew around the lip edge and the flap edges in one continuous seam (leave the needle down at the corners and turn). Clip corners.

Using the opening you left at the bottom of the lining piece, turn things right side out.  Almost done!  Just sew across the opening in the bottom of the lining, and push the lining down into the Ipad Cover.  Work all the corners so that they look nice and square. Hand sew some small pieces of Velcro, or snaps onto the inside of the flap and the outside near the outside of the pockets.  All Done!!


  1. Very nice! One will have to end up on my "To Do" list. Thanks for the tut!

  2. Great! I need one of these too!

  3. Good job on your tutorial. It fun to make something stylish and useful! Ruth Ann

  4. Good job mom. Very cute fabric and holder!


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