Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm a basting cheater!

Shhh!  Don't tell anyone.  I have now quilted two quilts without basting.  At all.  This is how it started.  When I was getting ready to quilt my Nativity quilt - well, you know how sometimes your border must have been a little bigger than your sashing, and now it kind of has a ripple to it?  
 As I was smoothing the backing and the front on to the batting, it was taking a lot of playing and smoothing.  I was using the "Warm & Natural" batting, and every time I readjusted it, it wanted to kind of stick to the batting.  I decided to try quilting without spray basting (like I usually do. I FMQed with a pattern that has a wavy line that doesn't cross over itself.  I was expecting that there would probably be a few little tucks on the back, and was hoping they would be small enough that I could live with them.  To my surprise when I kept turning it and checking while I was quilting - NO TUCKS!  Wow, what a relief! Then my friend asked me to quilt a baby quilt for her, and she brought it over with the sandwich all made with top, batting and back.  It had some creases in it, so I was pressing it and smoothing it, and I realized it hadn't been basted at all.
Maybe every body else already knows this and I am acting like it is some big revelation?  I decided to just go ahead and see what happened, knowing that I might be picking out a lot of stitches.  I smoothed it all nicely, she had also used "Warm & Natural" batting too.  This time I used a loopy pattern that does cross over itself. I'm so happy to say -  NO TUCKS!  Again!  YAY!!


  1. Awesome! Both pieces look great!

  2. I've noticed that some batting has that "grab". Hey, if it works, I say go for it!

  3. A friend of mine would sandwich her quilts and then iron them. She also used Warm and Natural and said the layers would just cling together. So why baste? I have not gotten brave enough to skip the spray yet. Nice to know it works for you too!


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