Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Finished Nativity Quilt!

My new favorite quilt!
I love seeing this hanging in my entry way, it makes me smile every time I walk by.  I'm so happy to have my Nativity Quilt finished!  I love each of the little figures in it.  This goes wonderfully with all of the Nativities I have collected - that is my Christmas theme.  I don't have anything against Santa and his elves, but I don't want my family to forget what this wonderful season is really about!  I think that is one of the things I love about quilts so much, they are so versatile in technique, color, pattern and meaning!  You can celebrate or express just about anything with a quilt.

 I really like the poinsettia fabric with the black background.  I don't have any leftover selvage scraps to tell me what the name of this fabric is, but I sure would love some more for some throw pillows!

I am so excited for this season to finally be here.  I always feel anxious to get everything ready so I can enjoy things.  My shopping is pretty much done, decorating - mostly done.  I do have some more sewing and a lot of baking to do.  Let the holidays begin!

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  1. It's lovely and cute at the same time. The poinsettia fabric would make cheery throw pillows. I have several Nativity scenes, too, plus an assortment of old fashioned Santa Clauses. For some reason, the old fashioned ones seem more like St. Nicholas than Santa.


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