Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dog bone FMQ...

OK, I used this pattern on the baby quilt I made - and I learned some important things. If you keep it going vertically it looks great
But - if you think that by stretching it out a little horizontally because you want to hurry up and finish your quilt, well, that looks AWFUL!
Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Isn't that embarrassing? Luckily I only do my experimental quilting on things I quickly say good-bye to. I took it to quilt guild last night and stuffed it into the charity box quickly before anyone could see it. Of course I folded it with the good side facing up. NOT that I don't think you should give good things to charity, don't take me wrong, but if I did my experimental quilting on quilts I was going to look at all the time I would be too afraid to ever try anything new. OK, want one more peek?
Can you tell where I realized what it was looking like and fixed what I was doing? Here is what the whole quilt looks like, from a distance you won't be distracted by the quilting...
(By the way, I think this is the easiest Baby Quilt pattern ever, I feel another post coming on - when I have made one that I am actually proud of!)

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  1. You are funny. :) It really wasn't that bad. Besides, you just put something very nice and useful in the charity box. Nothing at all wrong with it - nothing at all like giving away pants with a broken zipper.

    I do see what you mean, though. The pattern looks better when stitched closer together, but it doesn't hurt the serviceability of the item.


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