Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Red Eye Treadle Machine

Isn't this beautiful?

This is the other machine I mentioned earlier when I wrote about my Leader Hand Crank machine.
From what I can find out, this is called a Red Eye machine because of the pattern with gold and red designs on the machine. It was made in 1910.

I love the cabinet too! It has this wonderful carved wood on the sides, and three drawers on each side. I even have the key so I can lock the drawers if I want to... maybe in the future for some reason that I can't think of now.

This is the machine that took up all my son's leg room on our trip back from our vacation. He didn't complain, and I promised to leave this to him someday, umm, hopefully very far in the future!

I have never sewn on a treadle machine before, but I did it. OK, I made several messes before I actually got some lines of good stitching. I am so excited that it works, now if the power goes out, I can keep sewing!


  1. Oh.............I am SEW jealous! I want a Red Eye, but I want one as nice as yours. The decals look wonderful and so does the finish. The Red Eye is a class 66 machine. It has a bigger harp opening than some of the other machines. Very popular, and it may have been the first Singer machine with the round bobbin. The ones earlier were the shuttle bobbins. The Singer 99 machines were the 3/4 version of the 66. I don't have a 66. Hmmm...wonder why. They must be popular!

    Again, I am SEW jealous!!

  2. The machine and cabinet are beautiful. Lucky you. :)

  3. Your machines are beautiful!
    Sharon in Az. Janome 6600


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