Friday, September 2, 2011

Halloween Quilt top

OK, I finished my Halloween Quilt top! I love it!

Why do I keep starting another top before I quilt and bind the one I just finished? Now I have my beautiful wreath one, the basket case top and this Halloween top, all just begging to be quilted. This has got to stop!! I now hereby swear that I will not do another top until I have quilted the ones I already have made. If I don't--you can--umm--sue me! I shamelessly copied Aunt Polly's Halloween quilt because I thought it was so adorable. She actually has instructions that you can find here if you think it is as wonderful as I do! Actually, I can't wait to get it quilted, I can't believe I actually might have it finished before Halloween! Mostly my holiday quilts have to wait until the next holiday rolls around because I just don't get them done in time -- but I really am going to finish this before October!! I promise.


  1. I love it! I love the pattern too. I'm getting in the fall mood. Kathryn

  2. Popped over from Life with Lou blog to say hello. Saw that you are from Idaho. I am too. Won't say exactly where as this is too public, but I do my "major" shopping in Lewiston and Clarkston. (I will tell in an email.)

    I have been finding some older sewing machines for dirt cheap. People don't want old ones, I guess. (Actual antiques I've found have been in really poor condition and very expensive.)

    If you are interested watch at thrift stores, yard sales, and pay attention when someone says that they are buying a new machine. :)

    Love your Halloween quilt. Looks to make, too. Off to check out your other posts.

  3. The sentence should read "fun to make"/:

  4. I did a Halloween tumbler quilt this year too but mine is a tiny bit different. I loved quilting it because I just did a giant spiderweb with my walking foot...felt like cheating!


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