Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wonderful purse pattern!

I just came across this blog, and I was so impressed with the patterns and info on it that I wanted to share. I love her pattern for the Phoebe bag!

This is the picture from her blog, isn't this just a wonderful bag? If you want to make it here is the pattern. She offers several tutorials on how to make various things that were all interesting to me, maybe to you too! We quilty people are crafty people, too, aren't we? If this interests you, you will want to check out her entire blog, here is the link. I hope you have a fantastic day today!!


  1. If you check your link to the Phoebe bag there is a period missing. I finally got it figured out and printed the pattern. Thanks.

  2. Love your red/white quilt and the backing fabric is soooooooooo right for it.
    There are some fabrics that can make you smile -- some that you just have to buy-- I agree.
    Kiwi Jan
    Jan Cotton NZ


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