Thursday, July 7, 2011


OK, this is what is going on right now, just so you don't think I'm not doing any quilting...

This is turning into these...

I think I am really going to like this one, and there is NO APPLIQUE! Whew. I am just a little tired of applique right now. The last 3 big projects I have done have all had quite a bit, and I'm taking a break from that! I also plan to let people actually use this one, not just hang it on the wall or put it on a table, isn't that nice of me?

I am also continuing work on my traveling quilt. I worked on it over the long drive for the trip over the weekend of the 4th. I actually could have done more but I under estimated what I could accomplish and I ran out of cut fabric pieces! AARGH! I will try not to let that happen again!

And, I have a new goal for myself. I am really going to try to finish a holiday project before that holiday actually arrives! I finished my Valentines quilt at the end of March... I wanted to make something for the 4th, but got bogged down, so now I have the fabric and a pattern for a simple project for Halloween, it is in line next!!

Now, don't let me get distracted and start something else, OK? Keep an eye on me!

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