Thursday, July 14, 2011

Miniature Quilts

I have never finished a miniature quilt yet, but I think they are amazing! I worked on one, and have the blocks made... I thought that because it was miniature, it would take a fraction of the time, but that is not the case! Miniature quilts take just as much time as a large quilt, and the accuracy is even more vital - it is so noticeable if your seams aren't just right! Now my AQF (amazing quilting friend) Ruth Ann makes beautiful miniature quilts...

Ruth Ann says: "This was one of my very first miniatures. My mother gave me the little quilt stand for my birthday and it just begged for a quilt. Each little log cabin is only 1 inch square, making the logs 1/4 inch strips. I had to sew a thin wire into the binding to enable it to bend over the quilt rack."

I'm afraid I do not have the patience for something that small. Here are some more of Ruth Ann's miniatures.

Ruth Ann's comments: "This block is called the friendship square. I made one for my friend for her birthday and put a wild geese border around it. Of course, I could not resist making a few extra blocks and having one for myself."

"Another experiment in small size to see if I would like it larger. I love the border, so fun. Of course no fabric is repeated. A fun little quilt to brighten a table."

"I made this little quilt after seeing the idea on quilters cache. Sometimes I make small quilts to see if I will like them in a larger size. I have since bought a "twister" tool and plan on making one with over 400 pinwheels. I love the way the pinwheels lock together. It looks difficult to make but is relatively simple."

She laid each of these out on her kitchen counter so I could take pictures of them. Now I have a story - I don't want to call it a funny story, but I don't know what word to use to describe it!! There was a church fundraiser where they asked people to donate things to be auctioned off. Ruth Ann spent hours making a miniature quilt for the auction. When the auctioneer picked up her quilt, he looked at it and then said, "What am I bid for this pot holder?" When someone bid on it, he tossed it out like a frisbee into the crowd!

What word would you use to describe that story?


  1. I also love miniature quilts but am scared to even attempt to make one. These miniature quilts are beautiful.


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