Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm sharing

Would you like to know about one of the most wonderful quilting sites on the internet? Go and take a look at this website! This truly is a "cache" of information. If you are looking for some wonderful block patterns, this is the place. Scroll down to the place that says, "Where do you want to go today?" and click for the drop down box. If you click on "Quilt Blocks Galore" you will find so many blocks it will take you days before you can get through them all! There is plenty of other information, too: links to quilting websites, conversion charts, how-to pages and projects and plenty of other information. It is a gold mine! Poke around on the site and I'm sure you can find something that will interest you!

Here is another site that has tons of paper piecing patterns. The patterns are divided into categories. Our guild is doing a project with birdhouse blocks, and this is where I turned to find a pattern, but there is much more! There are plenty of sites with paper piecing, and another here. People are so creative and so generous to share their work, I really appreciate all the information that is so available!

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