Saturday, January 15, 2011

Newest addition to the family...

Look at my new baby!
Isn't she beautiful? This was my Christmas present this year. A Janome Horizon! I tell everyone this is my magic sewing machine, and it really is amazing. My favorite feature is "Accu Feed" which kind of means it has feed dogs on the top and the bottom, so all layers of fabric are fed evenly under the presser foot. It makes sewing quarter square triangles a breeze! I just got done sewing 56 squares, and the points on every single one of them came out exactly in the middle, and I didn't even have to use any pins, it just fed right in there! I always thought I must be doing something wrong because getting the points to match up seemed hit and miss, but now it works every time. Here is a picture of my latest project in progress, with Butch, my observer, who often comes in and sits in the middle of what I am doing so he can keep an eye on things!

I am working on a Dresden plate pattern, bordered with my quarter square triangles, it will either be a table runner or a wall hanging. I'll put another picture up when I finish. I am working on it with my quilting class, so it will still be a little while.

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