Friday, January 14, 2011

My favorite people in the world!

I really should mention the people who mean the most to me! Roy is an amazing husband, my best friend, and my first choice of anyone when I want to do something. He makes me laugh, and takes care of me, and treats me like a queen - who could ask for better? We have six wonderful children, and two of them are married.

Nathan is our oldest, and is on the far left next to his wife, Jenna. Third from the left is our son Matthew, who is currently serving as a missionary in Mongolia, of all places! We are so proud of him! Holly is next, she is 16 and very social! Roy and I, and then Zachary to the right of me. He is 13, in the 8th grade, and loves to write computer games. Then comes Kristi, she is 18, and living in the dorms and in her first year of college, so far so good! On the right end is our daughter Nicki and her husband, Tyler. Although you can't see our amazing new grandson, he actually is in that picture - Nicki was 4 months pregnant when this picture was taken. I know you want to see a better picture of that sweet little boy, so here it is!

Isn't he so cute! I love being a mom, and I also love being a grandma! Having children and grandchildren is the most wonderful thing that can happen to a person! Nicki and Tyler live across the country from us :( but I was able to go out for 3 weeks when James was born so I could help out and hold that baby. It is hard to be so far away. I am trying to figure out when I can go out to visit again, I need to hold him again!

I think I will include one more picture, it is of my side of the family. We are a fun and varied bunch. Here I am with my parents and my brothers and sisters:

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