Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Comparing O2 foot to Accufeed 1/4" foot

What difference does it make whether you use the O2 foot or the Accufeed 1/4" foot? Well, there is a slight difference. Watch this to decide which one will suit your needs.


  1. great video tutorial! I need to use my accufeed foot more often. Thanks for the info!

  2. I have been wondering and wondering why I've been having problems with my bottom fabric feeding too fast and now you've answered it. You've saved me a service call to my dealer because I thought it was a problem with my machine. I'm going to take off my 1/4" foot and try the accufeed foot right now.

    I believe I found you because you posted a link on the Janome 7700/8900 about how you bind a quilt. I think a lot of people would appreciate you posting this video link as well since I don't recall ever seeing it there. It will probably save lots of people many hours of frustration.


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