Monday, October 17, 2011

My Eternal Project...

Remember this?
 From a LONG time ago?  Well, I have traveled around with it in it's neat little case with my sewing kit all nicely organized...and I wish I could say that it was finished, or even close to being finished.  But that would be a big fat lie.  I try not to do that!  So I will honestly tell you that it now looks like this.
Let's figure the rate of 14 blocks a year, and I need about 80?  Uh, maybe I will finish in 2016 or 2017.  Humm.  Maybe I should turn this into a throw pillow project.  Or pin cushions, that would be cute...a baby quilt maybe.  Sigh.  I will keep carrying it around with me, and I guess we will wait and see what happens!


  1. No rush is there? Just work on it when you can. Stars are so pretty.

  2. and if it was finished....what would you work on as you travel around. Just enjoy it, while in the moment!


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