Thursday, August 3, 2017

Window Seat Treatment

My experiment. I went to visit my daughter and her family in their new house. My son-in-law has an office in their house.  It has a window seat with beautiful pink cushions - which he doesn't think are the right look for his office! These are nice pillows, and they were moved up to a daughter's bedroom.

Almost as soon as I walked through the door he asked me if I could re-cover the foam cushion and make him some new pillows. Of course I had an idea of how to do it, but I wanted to make sure it looked professional. I searched tutorials on YouTube and found several. I watched them all. Some of them looked awful when they were done, so I didn't use those,  :)

Here it is all finished!

There is piping around the cushion and two of the pillows, and fringe around the other two pillows.

I have a son with an upholstery shop, I sent him a picture and he said he would hire me any time. I guess I won't ever need to starve!

Have a fabulous day!

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