Monday, April 17, 2017

More Sailboat Quilts

I have two grand babies coming this summer - and they are both boys! I've decided to make quilts with Sailboats on them, each with a slightly different color scheme. I made it to the only fabric store I have found that has a variety of quilting fabrics. The store is called Bad Ratz  :)  I went yesterday, and this is my haul.

I'm excited to get going on these quilts. My plan is to make both of the tops while I am here in Jerusalem, bring the tops home with me when I come to help with the babies, and then I will quilt them and snuggle them around those babies! Sounds like heaven, doesn't it?

Here is what I've worked up in my EQ7 program. I don't have a lot of choices when I color the blocks, so I'm counting on my fabric choices to make my quilts look more fun when they are finished.

I made a sailboat quilt for an older grandson a few years ago too - I must like sailboats!

I'll let you know how these turn out!

Have a wonderful day!

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