Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Curtains for a Sewing Room

I moved my sewing room to a larger room in our house :) !!! I LOVE having more space, and I am much more comfortable in there, able to spread out and make a bigger mess, I guess! This room has two windows, instead of one, like my old sewing room. I looked around online and saw that someone had put quilt blocks into a curtain, and I decided that was perfect! I got out my orphan block collection, chose some blocks and made a couple more so there would be enough, and here are the results!

In this picture you can see some of the mess I was talking about, ha ha! I couldn't back up enough to get both windows entirely in the picture, but this gives you an idea.

And here is a closer look. Of course, I had to put red and white polka dots in my curtain ya know! I love how they turned out, and this time I am older and wiser than when I made my last sewing room curtains - I'm OK with the wiser part. Anyhoo, I put the left over fabric and some measurements and directions in a ziplock bag, just in case I someday get an even BIGGER sewing room, and have THREE windows. Do you think that might happen??

Have a happy day!

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  1. Love the curtains! Great that you have a bigger room, too.


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