Saturday, April 16, 2016

Red Gingham Curtains

The other day I took down my kitchen curtains and discovered that they were really looking sad. Then I started trying to remember when I made them - uh - how embarrassing, I think they are 15 years old or something. I do sometimes wonder about myself :)

So, here are my new kitchen curtains! I like red, I like the country look of gingham, so perfect for my kitchen, and sooo much better than my old dusty faded ones!

Ha ha, I can see my hubby's reflection in the picture. He didn't realize he was posing for me in his pajamas!

Since my kitchen has an apple theme, I embroidered apples along the border. I had no idea it would take so long - 4 hours! I like how they look, but I'm sure there is a way I could have done more quickly, but once I got going I just decided to continue. Oh well, done now!

Have a happy day!

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