Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tote bags

I made tote bags for family and friends for Christmas. I just realized I didn't ever post the picture - so here it is.

I tried to personalize them, not only with the name, but also with a favorite flower or color, or something that reminds me of that person. I also embroidered several t-shirts for the guys in the family with something I knew they would think was funny. I also made my husband some baked potato pants - what, you say? Well, I found this fabric that had loaded baked potatoes printed on it. My hubby loves potatoes in all forms and kinds, but especially baked potatoes. So I made him a pair of PJ pants from the baked potato fabric and embroidered a shirt that says, "I love potatoes". Just some of my little projects that have kept me busy.

I have about 5 other projects that I'm trying to finish up, but I keep getting distracted. I really need to make myself finish one thing before I get started on another! OK, New Years resolution #243...

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  1. You are so good about finishing projects, that you make many (most?) Of us look like slackers. Cute totes. All well?


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