Monday, June 8, 2015

A Beautiful Way to Hang Wall Quilts!

I have talked about my Amazing Quilting Friend several times. She is amazing in many ways. Besides being an AWESOME quilter, she is a wood worker! She made up her own design of the neatest way to hang wall quilts that I have ever seen. It puts my pitiful  way to shame. Isn't this lovely?

If you want to make this, here is the basic idea. Two stained or painted pieces of wood and some pretty knobs. Put two screws through the back piece like this (more than two for a large quilt as in the above picture). Drill holes for the screws to slide through in the top piece.

Sew a sleeve on the back of your quilt and make little buttonholes or slits in the sleeve and slip those openings onto the screws.

Next you slide your top wood piece over the screws, and tighten down your knobs. Genius, huh?

She also has a genius way to hang it on the wall, this is one talented lady! You need to have a permanent place that you are going to always hang quilts.

Mount an angled piece of wood to the wall. It must have at least two screws in it so it will stay level.
On the back side of your hanger you attach a piece of wood with the angle going the opposite way, so they just slide right on to each other! It's in the shadow here, imagine a piece that fits right into the wood in the picture above.

Now when you have your quilt screwed on to the hanger, you hold up your hanger and slide the angled piece on the back onto the angled mounting piece on your wall, it holds it flat to the wall! If you make the piece that is mounted on the wall several inches shorter than your hanger, you can even scoot it either way a few inches to center things, and it will still hold beautifully!

Isn't that gorgeous?

And, I just had to show you her beautiful hand quilting, it shows up so nicely on the back. So pretty!

Now if you decide to make one here are a few things you will want to remember: when you buy the knobs you will have to get some longer screws that fit the knob, the ones that come with the knob will be too short to go through your quilt and the top wood piece.  When you put your sleeve on the back of your quilt it needs to extend beyond the top of your quilt enough to reach where the screws are. It is a good idea to make your sleeve out of the same or similar fabric as your binding, in case there is a tiny bit that shows.

That's it. By now you must think my friend is amazing too!


  1. I just opened an old email from you and so glad I did, this was the email! Your friend is so clever, and thank you to both you and she for sharing this with us! I hope my honey can help me make this style rack soon. I have one similar, but it puts so much pressure on the quilt to encase it... I may even try your sleeve idea on that quilt rack as well. Thank you so much

    1. I'm so glad you liked it - I think it is one of the best methods I've seen! I hope it works for you, let me know how it goes!


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