Sunday, April 12, 2015

Embroidered Jean Jacket

My first jean jacket! I was afraid I might ruin it. I know, it's no big deal to people who have been machine embroidering for a while, but I'm still experimenting.

It's not perfect, but thank goodness it is wearable. I can't wait for my daughter to come and pick it up, I hope she loves it!

As I looked at ideas online I found some people who were wearing embroidered jeans with an embroidered shirt and an embroidered jacket with an embroidered hat to top things off - who knows what else is embroidered underneath! I will really try not turn into that, but it is pretty fun...

Now I've started looking around and thinking, "What can I embroider next that won't be too weird?" I wonder if my hubby would like for me to embroider something for him  :)

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