Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Sewing Room

I just thought I would share where I put things in my sewing room. I love getting ideas from others, so if you want to peek in my room, come on in!

I copied this idea from Ruth Ann's sewing room. It is so handy to have my rulers hanging on the side of my cutting table! They are always right where I can grab them.

I have peg board in one corner. It is great for holding patterns and odds and ends..

Thread - thread - thread

I love this magnetic knife holder from Ikea! It was about $10, and it is hanging on the wall right behind me when I am standing at my cutting table.

This is from the dollar store for marking pens, a stylus, tweezers and every long skinny thing that I need to grab sometimes...

This ice cube tray is handy-dandy for holding the feet that I use most often for my sewing machine!

I have a quilt on the wall that my great grandmother made. I put things on it so they don't fall into the "out of sight, out of mind" category...

I have a drawer for my fat quarters...

And last but not least, closet shelves. Scraps are put into clear shoe boxes, sorted by colors.

I'm not sure how it happens, with all of these places to put things. How does my sewing room get messy so fast? Somebody should clean that up!


  1. I love your shoebox idea for storing scraps. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like your ice cube tray idea. I use a fishing lure/tackle box. The cheap plastic kind with all the little slots. Each machine has their own box with all the tools needed. :-)

    Love the pegboard. I have one, too!


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