Tuesday, May 6, 2014

From Quilt block to Pillow!

Do you like my new pillow? I want you to know I didn't buy a single thing specifically for this pillow - it is made from things I bought a while ago "just because ".

If you want to make one, first you have to have a talented friend who designs a really great block and invites you to try it with her. Then you also need some cute fabric and a pillow form (mine is from Ikea).

I added a border so it would fit the pillow form. The pillow form has these wiggly lines all over it, and you could see the lines through my block (eek!), so I put some quilt batting behind the block, and that did the trick!

I put the pillow on my couch, but with people in and out and messin' with things, I'm sure I will sometimes be looking at the back of it. Luckily, that fabric makes the back almost as cute as the front!

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  1. That little pillow is adorable! And I love the scrappy block. I'm a HUGE sucker for stars... Might have to make one for me!


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