Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just for fun...

I'm in CT visiting my daughter and my two adorable little grandsons! I made some little things for them to play with, and they were so much fun I wanted to share them with you!

They are both ideas I got from -where else?- Pinterest! The first is called "Wee mouse tin house". This little mouse has his own teeny little teddy bear. They live in a cozy little Altoid tin.

 Here is the quilty part - I made their beds with left over fabric from the quilts I made for the boys! I'm a grandma, what can I say?
The hard part was the outside! I tried painting them. When that was a disaster I primed it first with primer for metal, then painted them. Looked awful. I tried spray paint and craft paint that I brushed on. I finally ended up covering the tops with duct tape.

 My next project is called "Magnetic Me". I printed the boy's pictures on printable magnetic sheets and put that in the lid part.
Then I chose which items I wanted for the disguise choices, and sized them to fit their heads (my son had to help me with that part), and printed those and cut them out.

For this one I used crayola tins that are a little larger than Altoid tins, and I covered the tops with matching duct tape so the boys can tell which ones are theirs.

Did I say I enjoy being a grandma?

My two little projects - just for fun!

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  1. That Magnetic Me tin is just adorable. What a great idea!!!!!


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