Saturday, January 11, 2014

2013 review...

Is that all? It sure felt like I sewed a lot more than that! I guess I just have to remind myself that we had two weddings, and I made 6 skirts for bridesmaids and a skirt for one wedding dress and altered another...  I do have a couple of things that I started and then got side tracked - hopefully I will get back to them.

I'm half way done with a Valentine's table runner that I am going to finish and get out before February. I've also bought fabric for my first quilt out of batiks, and it is going to be my first Queen sized quilt - whew! I'm trusting the people that swear you can quilt it on a Janome 8900! I sure hope I don't decide I can't squeeze it all in there when I get to the quilting part!

2013 was a wonderful year - I am trying to recognize all of my blessings and not take them for granted. Gratitude is something I am working on for 2014. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you!

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  1. OOOH, where did you get that iPad thingy pattern? Must.Have.One. For. My. Studio!


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