Thursday, September 26, 2013

Halloween Table Topper

I saw this on Pinterest (great place for inspiration!). I thought it was so cute, but of course I wouldn't want to pay someone else to make it for me - sooo...
I got out my ruler and used the 60 degree angle line to make some equilateral triangles -
and cut two 3 inch strips from 5 different Halloween fat quarters,
then I sewed two matching strips together to make a long strip of fabric
then I pressed those open and sewed the strips together. I stair stepped the edges since I was going to be cutting out triangles.
Then I laid out my triangle pieces and cut out 6 triangles...
I sewed all the triangles together into a big hexagon shape.  Quilted it, bound it...

and put it on the table!  It only took a couple of hours!


  1. Like minds... I have two of these cut out. Mine aren't made from strips, but they will look about the same when done. Love yours!


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