Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Shnibbles Short Story

Well, I have to say it's about time!  I haven't actually done a project for myself for a while - not that I haven't been behind my sewing machine!  In the last couple of months I've sewn the skirt for a wedding dress, 3 bridesmaid skirts, done tons of mending and altered a tuxedo - whew! The wedding is over (all went beautifully and the happy couple is all settled in their new apartment!).

I started this table topper in January - it really shouldn't have taken this long, but there were so many distractions!

I love how the colors turned out. It actually looks darker than this, the background is tan, not cream. The weather here is cooling down, so it's perfect for fall. Thank goodness I got it done in time to put it out for a little before all the Halloween decor comes out, or it may have had to sit until NEXT fall!

I just did straight line quilting. I used my SITD foot and moved the needle over.  It has so many seam intersections I thought trying to FMQ it would probably be a nightmare, and who needs more of those?


  1. Very cute quilt! Congrats on this finish before the Ghosties make their appearance :)

  2. So glad to hear that the wedding went well. Bet you were tired after all that work and the company left.

    This quilt is great. Like how you did the stitching. Enjoy it.

    Cool with heavy clouds. Hope we get some rain! Take care.


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