Friday, May 17, 2013


The last stop on our trip is Turkey - a place I've never thought much about, and wouldn't have put on my "most want to see" list. WOW! It is so green and beautiful, the people so friendly and kind! There are amazing things here that I never knew existed.

There are these strange rock formations that people have dug into, and they live in them - yes, still today!

And there are under ground cities where early Christians lived to escape persecution. We went down 4 of the 15 levels.

Thousands of people lived down there! Even with electric lights it was a dark place, I can't imagine what that would have been like.

We also visited the Blue Mosque, an impressive structure built over 400 years ago.

To go inside all women must cover their heads, and every one must remove their shoes - I've never been been in such beautiful place with so many stinky feet!

Some of the new experiences I've had here - seen a whirling Dervish show, taken a cruise on the Bosphorus River, eaten delicious lamb chops and seen how you get silk from silk worm cocoons! It has been very educational. We leave in the morning to come home. I'm anxious to see my family and friends again - there's no place like home!

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