Thursday, March 14, 2013

Binding Fix

Does that mean I have a binding addiction?  No, it means that every time I walked past my new table runner I thought, "LOOK AT THAT BINDING!!!".  I wish I figured these things out before I finished!

So I did this...  I made a mess with white thread everywhere - I will be picking thread off everything for the next week.
I think I tried every combination of colors in my stash but nothing was an improvement -- then I decided to go with something neutral.

Now when I walk by I just think, "I like that table runner!".

Much better!

Do you think that maybe I do have a binding addiction after all?


  1. Not an addiction, you didn't like the first binding. Simple as that. :)
    I like the neutral binding better, too.

    The only other thing that might work (I say this very carefully, because I haven't looked at the actual pattern) is not to bind it at all?


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