Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Clean Machine

Eeew! I got all this out of my machine, and I know I cleaned it out before I started quilting my last quilt!

If the lint was the same color as my thread I would think I had used extra linty thread - where did all of this come from?

I vacuumed it out with my tiny vacuum attachments, and put a drop of oil on the wick.

Now it is all clean and ready for the next project.  **And I have a picture for future reference if something ever comes off and I don't know where it goes!

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  1. I do a no-no thing and open the bottom part of the arm, too. I do a deep clean after every major project.

    I don't understand the lint color, either. It doesn't match my thread.

    I quilt my own, so I am assuming it's the natural accumulation of dust on thread, fabric, and batting (despite keeping it all under cover). Plus bits of batting fibers.


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