Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review

Hummm.  I wanted to see what projects I completed this year.  I felt like I was always working on something, but there sure aren't a lot of things here!  Should I make another collage of things I started and didn't finish? How's this?
I feel a New Year's resolution coming on.  OK. I resolve to finish some of these some time this year - is that good enough? No... OK. I will finish at least one of these before I start something new, and each time I want to start something new I will look at my UFOs first.  It's funny, I look at these and I know which ones I am planning to finish, and I'm sorry, but will I ever get back to that embroidery one that looks so cool but takes so much time? I barely even feel guilty about that one! Sigh. OK, how about I promise to work on that one if I have to be away from my sewing machine for an extended time???  maybe.

Do you have any craft related New Year's resolutions?  Happy New Year to you!!

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