Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday ---- grimace?

Does this look familiar?
This title of this picture is "I finished my quilt top and realized I hated the inner border so I had to pick it all out".  Sigh. Then of course I had to go and pull a muscle in my upper arm so it hurt when I tried to iron. I had to explain to my husband that I sew with an iron - he doesn't quite understand, but you do, right? I think I can get back to the iron this week, so that includes sewing. Finally!

Hopefully I will soon have something finished that I can talk about!
Keep on sewing, see you later!!


  1. Jeanna,

    I know that all too well! Hope your arm is at 100%! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Hope your arm is completely better now. Yes, this looks familiar.


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