Monday, September 3, 2012

Takin' care of my baby

Well, this time I mean my sewing machine. As you know I took it in for repairs, and all kinds of things were wrong with it  - grrrr! Then I remembered something my AQF (amazing quilting friend) told me. She noticed that when she turned on her iron it made the lights in her sewing room dim very slightly, so she now has her iron on an extension cord that goes to another room so the power to her sewing machine doesn't flicker too.

I've noticed that happen in my sewing room too, but I have my machine on a good surge protector so I told my self that I was OK. When I mentioned this to my mechanically minded son, he said, "Mom, that wouldn't be a power surge, that would be a power SAP".  Oh. So I have been letting my $40 iron sap power from my $3000 sewing machine?  Hello, do I have a brain?

So I got that mechanically minded son busy, and he drilled some holes in the wall so I could access an out-of-sight outlet through the closet in my sewing room.

If I ever think of it again I will by some neat little cover things to make those holes look finished...

Now, back to sewing!


  1. So glad you figured it out, and that you have a handy son. :) (Desktop and laptop computers need to be on a separate circuit, too.) Happens all the time in my old house. Electricity is something we so take for granted until something doesn't work.

  2. I've noticed that in my sewing room too! I'd better see what I can do about it. Thanks!!

  3. Hummm... I'm going to check this out. Thanks for sharing.


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