Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sad story :-(

Isn't this just the saddest sight you've ever seen?

The place where my beloved sewing machine used to be?  Sigh.

The story goes like this. I took it in, they said the step motor was broken. They ordered one. When it got there they said the A-board must also be broken. They ordered that. They called me today and said it is fixed so I happily went to pick it up. Silly me - I should have tried sewing on it before I drove the 40 miles back home. The thread cutter makes awful noises and has to make two or three tries before it cuts the thread.  That part was working fine before I took it in! Aaargh!! So I will be dropping it off again on my way out of town tomorrow.


  1. That's HORRIBLE! So sorry! Wishing you and your baby good luck!

  2. I hope this is all under warranty! Sew sad for you!

  3. Come on over to my place... you can use mine.

  4. Oh so frustrating. Have a fun and safe trip.


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